Moscow 8 (800) 700-44-94

KBR, Baksan

KBR, Baksan, N. Kathanova street 77
Tel.: 8 (800) 770-01-08

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    Schelkovskoe highway, 100, building 4,
    Business Centre «Vostochnie Vorota»

    Tel.: 8 (800) 700-44-94, +7 (495) 259-24-64,
    TD Flora textile, office-warehouse for knitted fabrics

    Free minibus (shuttle) from metro station Shchelkovskaya
    To the business center:

    The metro station Shchelkovskaya, the last carriage from the center, further to the st. 9th Parkovaya at the entrance to the metro towards Shchelkovo Highway. A minibus with the inscription «Business Center EAST GATE» goes without stopping until the 16th Parkovaya street, a stop near the house No. 98 / 57 corner of Shchelkovo Highway and 16th Parkovaya. Further walk to the burgundy colour 12-storey tower along the stores of «M-video» and «ION».

    To metro station Shchelkovskaya:

    Walk along the stores of «M-video» and «ION» to the corner of the house No. 98/57 on the 16th Parkovaya street. A minibus with the inscription «Business Center EAST GATE», which goes to Metro Shchelkovskaya. Landing in a minibus and free travel is carried out strictly on constant passes of the business center.

    Traffic schedule:
    In the morning from 8:00 to 11:00 from metro station Shchelkovskaya
    In the evening from 17:00 to 20:00 from the house №98 / 57
    On the 16th Parkovaya
    Traffic interval – 10 minutes

    Public transport

    M. Schelkovskaya. The first carriage from the center, go up and turn right, exit the glass doors and again turn right. Go all the way up to the stairs and turn left walk along the Schelkovskoye highway to the bus stop № 133, № 760, № 716. Routes № 133, № 760, № 716. From the bus stop «Metro Schelkovskaya» to the bus stop «Chromatron» (MRHW) (3 stops), 5 minutes.

    High-rise building of purple-pink color –
    BC «Vostochnie Vorota».