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    “Textil-Industry” was founded in 2013, in Kabardino-Balkarian republic, in the city of Baksan. The choice of the location was not accidental. Baksan has rich traditions of entrepreneurship, especially in the field of textile production. Another favorable factor was advantageous proximity of the federal transport artery – FD “Caucasus” and numerous regional routes.

    By transferring the rich experience of European and Turkish textile manufacturers into production process, and following the world technological standards, “Textile Industry” has become one of the largest manufacturers to produce canvases of good quality and rich assortment. Paying special attention to the quality and design of products, our company strives to meet the customer’s needs to the maximum. On the warehouse sites of our company, you will find a rich assortment of knitted fabrics with a wide range of colors and a variety in the design of the ornament. Thanks to modern technological equipment and established production system, we are ready to quickly respond to the execution of both small commercial and large state orders. We also offer assistance in dealing with logistical issues.

    By paying special attention to the quality, and design of our products, we strive to meet the customer’s needs to the maximum. “Textile Industry” offers a rich assortment of knitted fabrics with wide variety in design as well as colors and ornament.

    Our main advantages are: flexibility in meeting client’s demands, well-coordinated work at all stages of production, and wide range of high quality products.