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Warehouse and logistics

Warehouse and logistics

Great logistic resources, computerized warehouse program, well-coordinated work in the formation of orders and the implementation of shipments, as well as a wide range of products, makes cooperation with us beneficial.

Dye works

Dye works

Modern dyeing equipment, with a computerized supply of dyes and chemical reagents in conjunction with a modern laboratory equipment, allows us to precisely select colors and shades for our customers.

Knitting department

Knitting department

Using computerized, circular knitting machines of the latest generation, with automatic lycra feeding and high level of productivity, we produce world-class products.

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20-23 марта 2018 г., Москва, ВДНХ, павильон № 75, зал "А", стенд С-31

Welcome to the website of "Textil-Industry"!

Our company is a professional, dynamically developing participant of the textile products market. We are the largest manufacturer of knitted fabrics in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

Our main goal is to create products of the highest quality at affordable price. Our Design Department is constantly working on the development of new prints and patterns, which we put into production every three months. Our canvas can satisfy demands in any price segment, from the economy to the premium class.


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